Terms & Privacy Policy


Heritage Associates is a regional insurance agency of Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company with licenses in Texas and Minnesota. Heritage Associates is not an insurance carrier. Heritage Associates provides agency services to match prospective policyholders with insurance policy applications based on needs and qualifications. Neither the U.S. Government, the Federal Social Security Administration, nor any state agency is affiliated with or endorses Heritage Associates or its representatives.


Insurance carriers, including Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, often require all applicants to work with a licensed insurance agent before submitting an application for insurance to a carrier. As such, an application for insurance will not be submitted until a licensed agent has reviewed the application with the applicant and collected an in-person or voice signature for submission.


Any pricing on Heritage Associates is estimated and not guaranteed. All pricing is subject to application acceptance and underwritten approval by Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. There is no charge to submit an application for insurance and determine if the applicant qualifies.

Security and Privacy

We take security and privacy very seriously. Employees of Heritage Associates or its contractors may use your information to respond to you regarding the reason you contacted us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of Heritage Associates and Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, other than as necessary to fulfill your request (e.g. to help you generate an application for insurance, provide a quote, or help determine qualification for coverage). Information transmitted through Heritage Associates is also secured via SSL encryption. We take precautions to protect your information at rest on our severs as well, including but not limited to physical security of the server environment.

©2020 Heritage Associates LLC. Life insurance policies are underwritten by Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company on form ICC13FEAPPR. Not available in New York.

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